How It Works

Style Experts come to your home and take care of all your shopping needs

Tell us about yourself
A stylist brings the clothes to you
Only buy what you love

Style Experts

Our Style Experts get paid even if you don't buy anything so we only encourage you to buy what you absolutely love

Where We Shop

All over town. We don't hold any inventory. The stores are our warehouses. Last year we sold over 852 different brands. We bring 20 pieces of clothing with a good mix of high and low priced items based on your style profile.

Meet Our Clients

HILARY SHIRAZI Corporate Development Lead, LinkedIn

"Aside from the convenience, I love that the Style Experts choose some items that initially push the boundary on what you'd normally wear."

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ADAM PARK Project Lead, Boston Consulting Group

"The stylist visit adds so much value compared to going shopping myself or other stylist companies that mail you their selection."

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“I loved the idea of a curated selection showing up at my home. Fit is key for women's clothing so it's great to not deal with returns.”

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STEPHANIE GAULT Nutritionist and Stay-at-Home Mom

“I found myself wearing outfits I would never put together myself let alone buy in the first place!”

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PRITAL KADAKIA Principal, Growth Team at Serent Capital

“Boon + Gable is a great way for me to get some expert style taste without feeling like I have to read GQ every month.”

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Our Story

We started Boon + Gable because we discovered that the frustrations of shopping - online and in-store - go away when you have an expert in your home, helping you shop.

We built a recommendation engine called Clark. Clark uses your style profile to take the universe of clothing available in local stores and filter it down to a few hundred pieces that fit your style, size, budget, and needs. Then, we made it easy for our Style Experts to browse that list using their mobile phones to pick the 20 items that are just right for you.

We wanted the Boon + Gable experience to feel like magic. You fill out a short style profile, you pick a date and time, and a Style Expert shows up with a bag of clothing you love.


"The advantage of the in-home stylist is that they can pull from your own closet to help you figure out how to wear the new items."
"Boon + Gable stylists can bring clothing from hundreds of popular designers and brands like Paige Denim, All Saints, Hudson, Madewell, Vince, Alexander Wang, Ted Baker, Ray Ban, John Varvatos and more."
"SF based B + G doesn't just have IRL personal stylists behind the scenes -- they actually show up at your door and, well, style you."
"All you need to do is give them an hour, pay for what you keep, and forget about the rest."